Why Locksmiths E14 Fit BS3621 Standard Locks

If you ask locksmiths E14 what locks are best for your doors and windows, they should mention ‘BS3621’. What does this mean?

In short, these are locks approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI) as having met the criteria for being thief-resistant. Some insurance companies even insist these types of locks are fitted before they’ll cover your property against theft. To claim the BS3621 approved status, a lock must have been tested and found to be secure against common techniques used by burglars. Locksmiths E14 and elsewhere can fit these types of locks on wood, timber and metal doors on both commercial premises and domestic residences. One of their features is that you’ll need a key to open the door from both the inside and the outside. Without that key, the lock can’t be opened. The lock must have five levers internally, together with measures fitted to prevent the lock from being picked; and hardplates to ensure it can’t be drilled either.

You can check whether your locks are BS3621-compliant by seeing whether this and the BSI kitemark are engraved anywhere on them. If not, call a locksmiths E14 to have them replaced.

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