Alison Smith – Safe Without The Key

Bury Hide Escape

Bury the hurt deep inside
Hide your reality away
Escape to your fantasy

Brutal Refutal Fatal

Brutal the words you use
Refutal may cause abuse
Fatal the time with you

Moral Compass Time

Moral I cannot be
Compass tell me the way
Time to start a new day.

Rearrange Change Replace

Rearrange how things are stored
Change that which has stalled
Replace pain with joy

Recycle Revamp Redo

Recycle all that is working
Revamp for the newer you
Redo the failures as winners

Enjoy Employ Deploy

Enjoy your many changes
Employ all the new ideas
Deploy the actions are ready

One step at a time
Using one emotion at a time
Slowly will be the climb
Eventually you see the top

Sweet the sound of your voice
Echoing in my mind
Deep within the dungeon
Safe without the key.

Alison Smith

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